We are a bioinformatics research team from Beijing, China, and we will publish our latest databases, algorithms and tools here. We hope that our research will bring convenience to more researchers.

Recently, we published the new version of 3dsnp, which is a database for comprehensively annotating the regulatory function of human noncoding SNPs by exploring their 3D interactions with genes and genetically associated SNPs mediated by chromatin loops. 3DSNP integrates Hi-C data together with a variety of chromatin signatures across a broad range of cell types and provides a series of sortable and searchable tables and publish-ready figures to help researchers discover the regulatory roles of noncoding SNPs and small Indels upon their 1D and 3D genomic features.

Research Interests

  1. Medical Genetics & Genomics
  2. Epigenetics
  3. Cancer genomics
  4. Multi-omics integration and application