3dsnp v2.0 changelog


  • Update the source of database (both the url of 3dsnp.omic.tech and www.omic.tech/3dsnpv2) to local server through frp proxy


  • Fix errors in display LD information in the IGV browser;
  • Fix errors in display summary information in the detail page.


  • Update the format of Circos-plot to SVG;
  • Update the source of database (only accessed by 3dsnp.omic.tech) to local server through frp proxy;
  • Fix errors in display allele and score information for SNPs without HiC interactions.


  • Fix link to 3dsnp v1.0 (cbportal is outdated).


  • Fix export errors for excel.
  • Add an secure alternative link 3dsnp.omic.tech


  • Fix export errors for igvtools.


  • Add allele frequency information of major populations in the export data for the main table.
  • 3dsnp v2.0 have been published on NAR. So citing information in the pagefoot is updated.
  • Fix excel export button for the main table.


  • Add a pie chart for the nearest scATAC peaks
  • Add Zoom functions, point labels, and borders to the Umap of the nearest scATAC peaks


  • Add all tables for SVs from ClinVar.
  • Add annotations about ClinVar in the 3dsnp v2 tutorials.
  • Update documentation links to the 3dsnp v2 tutorials and API.
  • Update scores for SVs from HGSVC.


  • Add SV-data from ClinVar.
  • Add Pathogenicity-data from ClinVar for dbSNP v155.
  • Add Pathogenicity-track in the IGVtools.


  • Add LD-data for SVs.
  • Add LD-data for SNPs in AFR population.
  • Add SNP affected loops for each tissue.
  • Fix circos plot errors: no LD snps.


  • Update documentation links.
  • Add 3dnps v2.0 documentation.
  • Add wordpress documentation for omic.tech.


  • Add IGV tracks for Fst and xpNSL per each major population in IGSR 1000 genomes.
  • Add pagings for each table in the details page.


  • Add LD-data check when user click the LD-detail button.
  • Fix loading picture error.
  • Fix picture saving error of the scATAC-plot.


  • Add IGVtools.
  • Add HGSVC2 structural variations and Hi-C structure predictions.
  • Add scATAC data.
  • Add cCRE scores from scRNA-seq data.
  • Add statisticss of population genetics.
  • Update snp collections to dbSNP v154.
  • Fix foot location error.

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